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TaskMate Electric by Health Postures

The TaskMate Electric Height Adjustable Computer Tables by Health Postures


Health Postures Standing Desks


The TaskMate Line by Health Postures

The TaskMate line is perfect for you if you already have a fixed height desk and want to make it into an ergonomic workstation. You simply place a TaskMate surface electric height adjustable computer table on top of your current worktable and oila, you have a standing desk. 

The new TaskMate line will allow you to easily slide from a standing desk position to various sit positions. With a push of a button glide from sitting back to standing using the electric height adjustable feature of the TaskMate Executive 6100 or the TaskMate Journey 6200 for example. 


The TaskMate Journey does not come including the dual monitor arm as does the TaskMate Executive. 

The new TaskMate 6100 by Health Postures comes including an accompanying Keyboard Mech, an all-in-one keyboard & mouse tray, a 30" by 14" tabletop, and two copy and phone holders.

The TaskMate Executive 6100 has the most to offer in the line by Health Postures with a keyboard tray, adjustable keyboard tray, two foldable copy holders, and an extended tabletop for your monitor to fit a range of heights.


A cost effective way to add a standing desk to your office

Many of our customers had complained to us before that their boss wouldn’t let them buy a regular electric height adjustable standing desk like this one from Conset. Our team found that the Health Postures TaskMate series of desks provides the benefits of a standing desk without the hassle of having to get your boss to allow you to get rid of your current inflexible computer desk.

 If you are the boss of your office and you are looking for a way to outfit your office with ergonomic workstations, contact Stand 4 Health for a bulk order discount deal.



TaskMate Journey Electric Height Adjustable Computer Table Product Details:

  • Easily move from a sitting to a standing position
  • Comfortable prolonged computing
  • Burns calories while at work
  • Quickly attaches to most any work surface
  • All-in-one keyboard trays available
  • Adjustable keyboard trays available
  • Electronic height adjustment
  • Optional Telephone holder, Copyholder, Extended platform work surface


The Health Postures Guarantees

Health Postures offers a 5-year warranty on all products. Not only that, but all Health Postures are made in the USA! Inquire for more information to 



Health Postures 5 Year warranty


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